Events: World Bank South Asia Region Chief Economist Speaks on Campus

On Tuesday, Apr. 10, Kalpana Kochhar will speak on “The Life of an Economist at the IMF and World Bank”.  She is the Chief Economist for the South Asia Region at the World Bank, and previously held a number of positions at the IMF.  The talk is at 4:15 in PAC 001.

Too Awesome: Obama’s Nominee for World Bank President

Update: There is more out there on this guy and I just had to add it in…

This must be seen! I think Obama’s choice just might be a stroke of genius.

Obama Nominates Dartmouth’s Own Rapping Spaceman to Head World Bank > Dartmouth, Jim Yong Kim, world bank | IvyGate.

And, from Business Insider’s “10 Reasons… [Kim] is the coolest guy in the world”

Go to the second minute for the good bits.

YouTube Preview Image

He comes in at about 1:30 or so.

YouTube Preview Image

News: Madagascar and World Bank study on poverty

Lova Rakotomalala at Global Voices tells us that the President of Madagascar has resigned.

Duncan Green has a favorable early review of the new World Bank study, The Moving Out of Poverty Study. More about the book can be found on the World Bank’s website. According to the website it is due to be released sometime this month and is available for pre-order.