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Africa Notes: The Sudanese War

The news is bad. Sudan and South Sudan are, reportedly, now “locked in a logic of war” (BBC). The key disputes center on the still-disputed border regions where oil fields are present. (Map available here.) Khartoum, unfortunately, seem to be moving along the path towards further conflict. Reports CapitalFm: Omar al Bashir’s government says that…

Noted: Financial Times presents “Graphic World”

In Kenya, $415m/month or $5bn/year (15% of GDP!) flows through cell phone banking. This is from the Financial Times cool new “Graphic World” exhibit, available online and at New York’s Grand Central Terminal. Other presentations focus on “Global Economy” and “Recession & Recovery”.

Jessica Posner, Wesleyan ’09, wins the top prize!

I definitely recommend that you go to the Huffington Post site (see below) and watch the video of her win. Congratulations Jessica and Kennedy for all of your success! clipped from www.huffingtonpost.com The 2010 Do Something Awards ceremony, hosted by actress Jane Lynch, was a star-studded affair, with appearances by Megan Fox, Snoop Dog, the…