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Africa Notes: ECOWAS acts in aftermath of coups

Regional cooperation in West Africa is such a unique thing. Where else do you see cooperation on economic matters appear to be so much more difficult that you switch to cooperating on security? Wasn’t the EU built on precisely the opposite logic? BBC News – Ecowas to send troops after Mali, Guinea-Bissau coups. Anyway, BBC…

News that interested me

Sarkozy seeks peace role in Africa from Financial Times IMF dampens hopes of aid to Zimbabwe from Financial Times Nigeria: Opposition gang up against gov’t from Africa News Are Coups d’Etat Making a Comeback by Deo Lukyamuzi at African Arguments

News and comment: Madagascar and the African Union

The BBC and others have been reporting over the past day or so that the African Union has suspended Madagascar’s membership since the coup earlier this week.  This echoes the Southern African Development Community’s (SADC) decision not to recognize the new “interim” president, Andry Rajoelina. Alistair Thomson, at Reuter’s Blogs, notes that between starting in…