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News Link: The Geopolitics of 2017 in 4 Maps |


“Our brand of geopolitics takes this a step further and asserts that a deep understanding of geography and power enables you to do two things. First, it helps you comprehend the forces that will shape international politics and how they will do so. Second, it allows you to identify what is important and what isn’t.”…

Semester’s Agenda: Begin discussing changes in world order


In response to Trump’s new “America First” foreign policy approach, and in response to other major systemic changes that have been coming along for some time, my introductory course has a new sub-title and focus: understanding the varieties of world order and how world order can change. I will still cover all of the basics…

Feb 6: Film, Merchants of Doubt, Sponsored by COE

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From the College of the Environment: Please join us for the next film in The Elements: An Annual Environmental Film Series, Merchants of Doubt. The film will be shown on Monday, February 6 at 7:00PM at the Goldsmith Family Cinema, Center for Film Studies, on the campus of Wesleyan University, 301 Washington Terrace, Middletown, CT…

Feb 2: “The Rap Guide to Climate Chaos”


On Feb. 2, the Wesleyan community will be treated to a performance of “The Rap Guide to Climate Chaos,” a one-man show written and performed by Baba Brinkma Source: Yohe Brings “Rap Guide to Climate Chaos” to Campus | News @ Wesleyan

Spring 2017 Courses

From Backpacking in the Grand Canyon with Friends

This Spring I will teach the following courses: Govt 155: International Politics, Tu/Th, 1:20 – 2:40 pm, PAC 107 While the overall framework for this class is the same as in the past, I have made some major shifts in emphasis. The major theme will be in the question of World Order, inspired by the…

Check out ENGAGE’s Calendar of Post-election Events

From ENGAGE and the Allbritton Center. Link to Full Calendar of Events: Responding to the 2016 Presidential Election | ENGAGE – Wesleyan University In the wake of the historic 2016 presidential election, we believe that civic engagement — in its many forms — is more important than ever. To that end, we will maintain this…

Upcoming African Studies Events


The next 7 days have plenty in store for those interested in Africa! November 3: Learn about African Studies and Study Abroad at Wesleyan November 4: Come hear South African guitarist Derek Gripper at Crowell Hall November 5: Ariya, the African Students Association’s annual cultural event! November 7: Presentation on Biodiversity Research in Kenya For…