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Evaluating students’ evaluations of professors

Evaluating students’ evaluations of professors. We find that teacher quality matters substantially and that our measure of effectiveness is negatively correlated with the students’ evaluations of professors. Something for us teachers to think about. There are a number of studies that suggest the relationship between evaluations and effectiveness is at least ambiguous.

COE Symposium September 27

Please join us for the College of the Environment’s Annual Where On Earth Are We Going? Symposium September 27 Click on link above for more info.

Scotland! Symposium on Opinio Juris

These are links my International Law students might want to look at! Scottish Independence Insta-Symposium: ‘Negotiated Independence’–Scottish Independence and a New Path to Statehood? by Stephen Tierney Scottish Independence Insta-Symposium: The Legal Terrain Following a Yes Vote for Scottish Independence by David Scheffer

Northern Africa, Muslim Women Voices Festival @ Wesleyan, THIS WEEK!

From my colleague, Typhaine Leservot A quick announcement to bring your attention to several events this week involving Northern Africa through the “Muslim Women Voices” festival: Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 4:15 PM / Daltry Room (Music Rehearsal Hall 003) / free: Women’s Voices, Verbal Ability, and Symbolic Power: The Case of Moroccan Shikhat. Alessandra…