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The less you know | War of Ideas

This seems to mirror my experience: The less you know | War of Ideas. People who hold extreme views on complex policy issues tend not to have thought all that hard about the ramifications of those policies. That’s the argument behind a recent paper published in Psychological Science by Philip Fernbach of the London School…

Noted: AidData has updates

Update: AidData has a rejoinder to Brautigam. Available here and worth the read: An email I received yesterday has the following highlights: Updated AidData Database: AidData New China Aid Database: However, Deborah Brautigam has some very, very important critiques of this database: “Rubbery Numbers on Chinese Aid”. For instance, she comments one of…

ASIL Videos

Interesting videos from recent conferences and events of The American Society of International Law.

Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum : SCOTUSblog

Kiobel has been decided. The scope for using the Alien Tort Statute to bring human rights claims is now more limited. The opinion: Commentary: Scotus:Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum : SCOTUSblog. Opinio Juris has a range of responses.  

Today (Thurs): Talk on International Refugee Law-Iran: Emrah Yildiz

~~~~ “Alignments of International Refugee Law, Political Liberalism and Sexuality on the Road: Iranian Asylum Seekers through the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Turkey” a lecture by Emrah Yildiz Thursday, April 18th, 4:15-6pm Fisk 116 Emrah YILDIZ is a Joint Ph.D. Candidate in Social Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University. He…

Ben Van Heuvelen, talk today: Oil, war, and the future of Iraq

You are invited to a talk
 by   “Oil, war, and the future of Iraq”   Ben Van Heuvelen   Wednesday April 17, 2013   12.00-1.00    PAC 001   Ben Van Heuvelen is the managing editor of the Iraq Oil Report. His work has appeared in the Washington Post, Foreign Policy, The Atlantic, and Salon.…

Talk today: Lehoucq on Civil War in Central America

Invites you to a Public Lecture   “The Causes and Consequences of Civil War in Central America“

Fabrice Lehoucq
Associate Professor of Political Science,
University of North Carolina, Greensboro   Thursday, April 11, 2013 4:15 p.m.     PAC 002     Professor Fabrice Lehoucq will speak today, Thursday, April 11, 2013, on “Causes and Consequences of Civil…

Africa bucks poor 2012 trade-growth trend, despite SA slump

Africa bucks poor 2012 trade-growth trend, despite SA slump. However, at 6.1%, Africa recorded the fastest export growth of any region, rebounding from an 8.5% slump in 2011. Africa’s imports also grew faster than those of any other region at 11.3%, making it the only region with double-digit growth in either exports or imports.

Scheduling with Students:

Update via Jack Dougherty: Updated on February 26, 2015: The friendly folks at YouCanBook.Me tell me that the “On Duty” feature (which displays my office hours, as described below) now requires a paid premium-level subscription OR a free non-profit account. Users who log in with an .edu email address automatically qualify for a free non-profit…