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Student Fellowship @ Center for the Humanities

Student Fellowship Center for the Humanities Calling Class of 2012 Application Deadline:  March 25, 2011 Please visit and follow the Student Fellowship link for application All members of the junior class are invited to apply for a semester-long Student Fellowship at the Center for the Humanities during the 2011-12 academic year. Wesleyan’s is among…

Recommended Reading: Chenoweth on Nonviolent Resistance

Give Peaceful Resistance a Chance – I especially like the last lines: The good guys don’t always win, but their chances increase greatly when they play their cards well. Nonviolent resistance is about finding and exploiting points of leverage in one’s own society. Every dictatorship has vulnerabilities, and every society can find them.

Summer internships

Just received this email. It might interest some of you students who are still looking for something to do this summer: How will you choose to spend your summer? Join the millions of volunteers, public servants and nonprofit professionals who heard the call to serve in the nation’s capital. The Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary…