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The environment and Africa: recent stories

Treehugger often feels like a pretty random “environmentalist” website. Half the time, I feel like they are trying to sell me something I don’t need (eco-consumerism is not necessarily a good thing).  That said, they also occasionally have very interesting stories. This week I noticed they had a couple posts about Africa. One does a…

FT on US intelligence: great article

The Financial Times has a great article on US intelligence.  I especially like the chart depicting how the various intelligence agencies relate to each other. Apparently, they still don’t relate very well… / Comment / Analysis – US intelligence: Tribal warfare.

Commonwealth Writers’ Prize 2010 regional shortlists unveiled | RobAroundBooks

Commonwealth Writers’ Prize 2010 regional shortlists unveiled | RobAroundBooks. I would love to hear comments from anyone who has read these books… clipped from AFRICA Best Book Trespass by Dawn Garisch. Country: South Africa. Publisher: Kwela Books. The Double Crown by Marié Heese. Country: South Africa. Country: Human & Rousseau. The Thing Around Your…